Compass Recalibration

moral compass (n): used in reference to a person’s ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly

It is important throughout life to frequently recalibrate our internal moral compasses. Sometimes major events can trigger this recalibration. In other cases, the accumulation of information will trigger it as we connect the dots and come to a new conclusion. A recalibration is needed to ensure our actions, words, thoughts and environment are aligned with our readjusted beliefs. A few days ago, I was researching Occult symbolism in mainstream media which is abundant and blatant. Particularly within music videos and movies, where every little detail on sets and scenes are deliberate, it can’t be considered random. The marketing industry alone is worth 192B and even if we think we are immune, our brains are very receptive to marketing/ads/symbols (subliminal messages). Everything we watch, read, see, affects our perspectives, beliefs and can even trigger physical responses like hunger. I was questioning why these strange symbols appear in so many videos and started to look into what they meant. Symbols tied to the Occult, Church of Satan, Christian Mysticism, Kabbalah, underground societies such as the Illuminati and Free Masons. Thesesymbols things might sound like conspiracy theory but do a search on the internet or wikipedia and you’ll find there’s legitimate history and academic studies of the topics as well as plenty of actual proof of how it shows up throughout media, pop culture, corporate logos and movies/tv.  Easy examples include celebrities covering one eye, all seeing eye, pentagram, inverted cross, owl, snakes (serpents). This search lead me to come across articles discussing Occult symbols and religious theology that is found in the New Age movement. The New Age movement isn’t new to 2018 but it has become much more mainstream and widespread. It doesn’t center around a specific text like Christianity does with the Bible so there isn’t one source of truth that defines New Age philosophy. It’s a collection of beliefs of various religions, rituals, and practices that people pick and choose based on what resonates with them. I discovered New Age a couple years ago when I was living in Paris and was interested in figuring out my spiritual beliefs. I had turned away from traditional church as a kid and was eager to find an explanation for this universe and my part in it.

The problem with my deep dive into New Age ideas and practices such as tarot/oracle cards, psychics/mediums, reiki, yoga, meditation, ascended masters and so on was that I simply adopted the beliefs and practices without much questioning. I didn’t tarottake the time to actually research the origins and history to determine if the belief/practices were something that I wanted to adopt and attune my moral compass to, and act accordingly. Completely skipped that part. A good example are Tarot Cards. Tarot Cards originated in the 1400s and are believed to have been a set of playing cards which included suit and numeric cards as well as cards with just symbols on it. Innocent enough. During 1781, Occult followers found these cards in France and England and they began to be used as “divination tools.” Divination is defined as “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.”

I hadn’t thought anything further into using tools such as tarot/oracle/angel cards as something conflicting with my beliefs. I mean, what’s the harm in taking charge of my destiny and using a tool that could give some insight to my current or future path? I figured since my intentions were pure (using the cards to assist my life, not for evil), I didn’t think twice. As I was down the rabbit hole researching Occultism, I learned that Helena Blavatsky was a key figure that brought Occultism from the shadows and spread in America. In one of her published works called “The Secret Doctrine” she openly praises Satan and views him as a positive role model. Feeling uneasy that the person who was behind Occultism in which Tarot Cards are a tool, celebrates Satan, made me question if this was a tool I wanted to be using. Was this action of using divination cards in line with my beliefs?

I’ve never read the Bible but as I googled what the Bible might say about such tools, I found that Jeremiah 14:14 noted that God says “They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds.” What I had thought wasprayer harmless entertainment was against the Bible’s guidance, for tools of divination to gain wisdom is viewed as one of the routes demons and other nasties can gain a foothold into your spiritual energy. The point seems to be that God wants us to come directly to Him for guidance via prayer instead of an intermediary power source like cards. I definitely didn’t want to be potentially opening myself up to dangerous forces and most importantly, knew that these tools were not in accordance with my beliefs so I’ve chosen to let them go.

As mentioned above, when I started adopting various New Age tools and beliefs, I didn’t take any time to research the origins. Now that I’ve started researching, 4 years later, I found some things that mismatch what I thought I was doing and believing in. That being said, I’ve never read the Bible. Before I decide to adopt/change my beliefs, this time around I’ll start with reading the Bible and research its history so I can make a more informed decision. At that point, I can recalibrate my compass and align my actions accordingly,

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