I’ve wanted to be many things throughout my life and it changes as I grow. Olympic gymnast, figure skater, neurologist, pediatrician, elementary school teacher, booksnaturopathic doctor, business owner. I’ve dabbled a bit in each of those but the one that’s missing, that’s been there all along is writer. Ever since I learned to read, I’ve been devouring books. Solving mysteries in The Face On the Milk Carton, exploring foreign lands in Chronicles of Narnia, experiencing others perspectives in Chicken Soup for the Soul, healing my grief just a little bit more in Wild. Ever since I learned to write, I wrote in journals beginning at age 7. After my Mom died, I sorted through a bin she had kept of awards, report cards, craft projects, and pictures during my school years. In this bin, I found my earliest journal where I showed interest in creating books.

I always liked the idea of writing a book and my very first was a short story titled ‘The One’ about puppy love, during my angsty, it’s the end of the world I made a mistake dumping him he’s my soulmate, years. If it weren’t for Tinder, it may have taken me longer to step into who I am and one of the reasons I’m here.

I tried out Tinder last summer during a lull in my life, needing a distraction and after having limited success with other apps like OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble. I had heard about its hookup reputation but gave it a shot anyway. It links up to Facebook to pull in your age, occupation, education and photos. Little did I know that when I created a Facebook Page for my website, which required it to be connected to my personal profile, it updated my occupation to ‘Writer at All You Need is Chi’ (former website name).

While adding a summary to my Tinder profile, that’s when I saw it and decided to step into who I am- a Writer. I rarely mentioned my writing to others for fear the person would want to read my stuff and judge it, or that it was too raw and personal to have people read it. But after stepping up, thanks to Tinder, I don’t shy away from who I am anymore and remind myself that I write for me and if even one person benefits from it then I have succeeded. We all get judged no matter what we do, so might as well do what you want anyways.

How’s dating on Tinder going, you ask? I haven’t found the husband God may have for me yet but I did find myself. And if any guy breaks my heart, I might pull a T-Swift and write about it.



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