The Brunch Commandments

And on the seventh day, God said ‘Let there be Brunch’ and there was Brunch

All those who partake in Brunch shall follow the Ten Brunch Commandments


  1. Thou shall cleanse thy mind, body, and soul with bottomless mimosas
  2. Thou shall confess thy transgressions from the night before
  3. Thou shall not judge the confessions of thy neighbors
  4. Thou shall attend Brunch mass on time, no matter the strength of thy hangover
  5. Thou shall head nod to those thee danced with last night and then quickly avert thee gaze; Brunch forgives thee for not remembering their name
  6. Thou shall not speak of work on Monday
  7. Thou shall break avocado toast with thy neighbors and be merry
  8. Thou shall give thanks for thy health, thy happiness and thy Brunch tribe
  9. Thou shall sing the sacred hymns of 90’s pop music with joy and laughter filling thy heart
  10. Thou shall rest after Brunch for Brunch day is a day of rest and reflection


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