Towel Manifestation

A true story of small but fast manifestations in a single day. My friend Heather, who has become an instant soul sister over the course of 3 days, was visiting from Jersey. We had a fully packed day in Charleston starting with heavenly bagels and atmosphere at Gnome Cafe and a quick drive by Rainbow Row on the way to our first adventure: zip lining.20170722_125907-2 Neither of us had done it before and were speculating during the drive of how high up we’d be. I had no idea this existed in Charleston since it’s pretty flat around here but Heather had found out about it. I had seen 750ft listed on the website somewhere and was freaking her out when I insisted that’s how high up it’d be. Clearly my height and measurement perceptions are a bit off. Turns out, 750ft was the length of the final zip line that we zipped down. The highest platform was around 65ft and was high enough to make us hesitate but after that first platform, we flew fearlessly.

When we were up in the trees, enjoying the sounds of the trees swaying and watching each other cannonball down the line, I felt my Mom’s presence. She’s always around but just as we might not notice our pets around us since they are always there, I sometimes get sad when I don’t feel her presence as strongly. Blatant signs and fragrances that are connected and sent by her help to reassure me that she still is. I told Heather I wanted to see a ladybug that day, in some form or another, to manifest a sure sign from my Mom. She adored ladybugs, as did her own Mother, which became her sign as well. When we landed our feet back on the ground and were heading to the car, we spotted the ladybug. It was a metallic decorative piece hanging from the porch. Hey Mom, what’s up? She was having a blast zipping with us. A 2 hour manifestation turn around time? Let’s see what else we can do.

The second adventure of the day was paddleboarding. We called ahead to make sure there were rentals available and there were. We inflated my board and headed to the docks to get a rental for Heather. The park guy at the dock informed us that rentals end at 6pm which was in 15 minutes and he couldn’t rent it out. We were on a mission to paddleboard, sticky and sweaty from the perpetual SC heat wave and refused to acceptpaddleboard no for an answer. But it was a no. We made it this far so we improvised and decided fine, we would both go on my board. I’m happy to report we did not fall in and now I know it can hold 2 people easily. We floated around for a bit, allowing the current to move us, and as it pushed us back to the docks I realized, shoot, I forgot to bring a towel to dry off the board (key for inflatables since it folds up into a backpack). We sent the thought out to the Universe to manifest a towel, halfheartedly believing it could happen but unlikely. Who says though? Thanks to a few inconsiderate people who didn’t return their kayaks to the dock, the park employees were there past 6pm bringing them in. As they helped us back up to the dock, they were fascinated by the inflatable and we got to talking. I asked if they happen to have a towel….and they did. Normally they don’t but a parkgoer had left behind the towel earlier that day. A 30 minute thought to manifestation timeframe, not bad.

Quick manifestations like that are helpful along this journey to teach us to trust in divine timing. Think the thought, feel the feeling of that thought as if you have it at this very moment and send it out to the Universe. The Universe will respond by setting up the people and experiences to turn that thought into your reality. Daydream away, nothing is impossible, and allow the Universe to show you the How. It’s tough to keep the faith when you are trying to bring something into your life and it doesn’t happen when you think you want it but divine timing is the truest truth there is. I dreamed of moving to Charleston 7 years ago. If I had forced that dream to come true, I wouldn’t have been ready to enjoy it fully as I am now. Many people can attest to this when they look back reflecting on how they really wanted this, or that, but in hindsight understand why it didn’t work out or came along later, at the perfect time. If you do have trouble trusting in divine timing (I still do despite serious proof), start by practicing manifesting small things/situations. Hearing a certain song, seeing your favorite flower, smelling a specific scent, getting a call from someone, repeated number sequences. Send the thought out there and let it go, forget about it. Don’t go looking for the proof or you will miss it. Don’t expect it to come in the exact form and shape you expect it either. The Universe isn’t limited by our imaginations and can bring things to us in various forms. If I had hoped to see a ladybug but then tried to control the how by actively looking for a ladybug on the trees or demanding a ladybug land on my nose, I would have completely missed that metal ladybug. I would have been disappointed and potentially let it ruin my day, giving myself (false) reasons to prove that the Universe doesn’t listen and can’t be trusted. I would have missed out on that delightful, giddy moment of feeling my Mom saying Hi honey, I’m here. So think the thought, feel it and let it go, let it go, turn away and (don’t) slam the door. You’re welcome for that earworm. Happy manifesting!

Freshman year, 2006


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