Alkalize Your Heart

Does your esophagus feel like a sky on fire like the picture above? At the first sign of heart burn, which you can usually sense the moment you eat or drink something that is high in acid, oily or fried, you can neutralize the burn before it even begins. Or after it begins. Either way, take a look in your refrigerator or cabinet, and you will likely find a simple, instantly effective and 1 ingredient cure. Is it Tums that I speak of? No, no it isn’t. Even cheaper and free of strange ingredients. Let’s take a quick look at the Tums ingredient label. Calcium Carbonate? Ok, that is natural enough. The key part of the label is toward the bottom: Inactive Ingredients. Here is a short breakdown:

Adipic acid– A chemical compound, rarely found in nature, that is mainly used to produce Nylon 66. Nylon?! This ingredient is added to Tums to make it taste “tart.” Ok then…

Blue 1 Lake– A chemical coloring dye that can be made from coal tar.

Dextrose– Any ingredient ending in -OSE indicates it is a sugar or derivative of sugar. It is a sweetener, helps stabilize food colorings (i.e. Blue 1 Lake), and can extend shelf-life.

Magnesium Stearate– A chemical filler used to keep each tablet lubricated enough that they don’t stick to each other nor to the manufacturing machine, thereby reducing costs. Potentially inhibits nutrient absorption in the intestines.

Maltodextrin– Highly processed starch that has a higher glycemic index than sugar (sugar- 65, Maltodextrin-135). Glycemic index shows the effect of the food item on your blood sugar; the higher, the worse the effect.

Red 40 Lake– Chemical food coloring. The word “lake” means it was made water soluble by mixing the dye with aluminum hydroxide. Sound safe?

Starch– Acts as a binder for the tablet. Produced by plants.

Sucralose– AKA Splenda, produced by chlorinating sucrose (white table sugar) that is not broken down by the body.


Not so short after all, for a seemingly simple tablet. Many of the inactive ingredients are just plain unnecessary for curing heart burn but are necessary for the manufacturer to produce pills as cheap and quickly as possible, with no regard to the potential hazards it may cause to the one body you have in this life.

So what is the simple, cheap solution I mentioned? Baking soda, aka sodium 486367076_XSbicarbonate. 1 ingredient, nothing more nothing less (cost: <$1). Mix 1/2-1 tsp in 8oz of fresh water and drink away the heart burn instantly. As it is high in sodium, it is best not to consume more than once per week.

Stomach acid is critical for breaking down foods and sending their respective nutrients on their way to the intestines so even consuming natural items like baking soda is not the best as it can alter your stomach’s pH. However, it is an excellent alternative to chemical ridden products such as Tums, Rolaids, and Prilosec. To reduce heart burn in general, it is important to eat more foods that have an alkalizing effect on the body, eat smaller bites and chew thoroughly so that the stomach has an easier job and requires less stomach acid to break down the rest. I have personally used the Baking Soda cure and can recommend it as it works. The following link has an excellent list of 14 additional natural remedies that you can try out: Natural Heartburn Remedies

May love set your Heart on Fire instead of acid reflux!



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